A laundry list of know how.

     Pump up your wash/dry smarts.

Tips to iron out those laundry day wrinkles.

Wash Tips

  1. Sort and pre-treat stains at home. Separate whites, lights, and darks into different bags.

  2. Very important to read garment tag and follow the instructions.

  3. Use mesh bags for delicates and items that have latches which snag clothing. Mesh bags sold in vending machine for your convenience.

  4. To preserve dark items and printed tees, wash inside out.

  5. Remove excess hair before wash by shaking items outside. Wipe machine after use.

  6. Throw laundry pods directly into the machine, with the clothes. No pods in soap trays.

  7. Check machines before wash to prevent staining from previous washer. Extra pro tip: wipe machine out with an old towel before use.

  8. Give clothes room to tumble. Don’t overfill machines.

  9. White washers= 2 household loads. Medium silver washers= 4 household loads. Large machine (Fancy)= 6 household loads.

  10. Queen comforters usually fit in medium silver washers (Dot, Vera, Rosie).

  11. Fancy can handle the King comforters.

  12. Items made of foam don’t wash well.


Dry tips

  1. Fluff large blankets and comforters mid-dry cycle. This helps heat reach the middle of the item.

  2. Dryer balls reduce dry time. And you’re in luck. We sell them in the vending machine.

  3. Check all machines after use to prevent socks from joining the lonely sock club.

  4. If you lose an article, feel free to contact us via website or social media.


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